Talking about Feng Shui sounds

Talking about Feng Shui sounds: you cannot harmonize totally the energy of your houses without a proper use of sound vibration, since sound is the original creative force of life on Earth.


The rhythm of the drum beats time, beats the heartbeat, shakes your diaphragm, reminds you when in the dark of the womb you were listening to your mother’s heartbeat.

Talking about Feng Shui sounds

A primeval sound created by a Japanese drum.

Forget for a while lights, shapes and colors, travel back in time and space and picture your home empty.


She has memories as well as your body, and the first thing to do at your first entrance is to heal her wounds: the sounds which have permeated her, the sounds which have surrounded her haven’t always been harmonious.

Hence it follows the immediate need to “clean” a space by generating primeval sounds as the drum’s rhythm, gong vibration, the very evocative power of Gregorian or Tibetan chants: this is the first step to improve our home’s environment, introducing low-frequency Feng Shui sounds to remove all vibration coming from negative memories.


Talking about Feng Shui sounds

Chinese gong

Talking about Feng Shui soundsTibetan sounds and mandala


In the second place you have to keep the vibrational quality of Qi on a good level of general harmony, and while working with all the other Feng Shui tools, you can use Tibetan bells to improve energetic balance in your spaces and to create Feng Shui sounds suitable for your home.

Those who are so lucky to be musicians could use instruments as guitars, violins, pianos, flutes, harps, drums to introduce and keep pleasant Feng Shui sounds in their homes.

Talking about Feng Shui sounds

Celtic harps



Also introducing music through electronic means and stereo speakers helps to keep the Qi on a good level, provided that the sounds are harmonious and in frequency with the house’s inhabitants feeling and with the Feng Shui sounds which have been already used for the energetic cleaning.


Finally here are the most complete Feng Shui sounds: those which are linked with the ancient Chinese tradition and the magic square Lo Shu. Coming soon on this site, an article in Italian (the current reference is in English language: ‘Case and Canon in Chinese and Jewish tradition’) which will explain how the trigrams of the Chinese Compass are connected to archetypal numbers and to sound. Each number has its own sound and it is possible to use the Compass pattern with the related sounds in order to redress the energetic balance of the spaces in a house.

 English translation by Enrico Petrella