Diwali, the Indian festival of light, is celebrated this year on the new moon of November 15, which  is located in the astral framework in the east. We use hyaline quartz to support the Diwali light energy  and its symbols of Fire which we place in the Ba Gua south sector of our homes.


Woman’s hand lighting diyas during diwali, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Diwali festival celebrates the victory of justice and the triumph of light over spiritual darkness. Tradition makes the festival coincide with the return of Rama to the kingdom of Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. Diwali is also related to the reverence of the goddess Lakshmi as the consort of Vishnu and as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
Diwali observances differ depending on the region and tradition. Among the Hindus, the most widespread custom is the lighting of diyas (small terracotta lamps filled with oil) on the night of the new moon to invite the presence of Lakshmi, goddess of wealth. During the festival, diyas are illuminated and arranged in rows along the parapets of temples and houses and left adrift on rivers and streams. The houses are decorated and the floors inside and out are covered with rangoli, made up of elaborate designs made of colored rice, sand or flower petals. The doors and windows of the houses are kept open in the hope that Lakshmi will find his way inside and bless the residents with wealth and success. Diwali is generally a time to visit, exchange gifts, put on new clothes, feast, feed the poor and light fireworks. Gambling, especially in the form of card games, is encouraged as a way to ensure good luck in the coming year and in remembrance of the dice games played by Shiva and Parvati on Mount Kailasa or similar competitions between Radha and Krishna. Ritually, in honor of Lakshmi, the player always wins.The date of the celebrations is established according to the lunar calendar and coincides with the new moon in the sign of Scorpio, which this year is tomorrow at 6, the 15th of November.

Azimuth New Moon in Scorpio November 15, 2020

Spiritual enlightenment is part of the cathartic process typical of the sign, which has Death and Resurrection as keywords. The astronomical symbol of the Rebirth, that is the Sun-Moon conjunction, is found in the azimuth horoscope to the east, in exact correspondence with the solar rise point and where the Green Dragon is placed in the Chinese Compass.

We celebrate Diwali in our homes using the symbols and objects of light in the south direction of the Fire supported by a good energy of the Wood in the southeast.


Diwali deities

We also add hyaline quartzes which are very suitable for supporting the entire energetic arc of the Wood-Fire starting from east to south in our homes.


Indian Himalayan Quartz (Himachal Pradesh)