Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! According to Chinese Astrology, the year of the Golden Pig begins February the 5th and ends January the 24th of 2020.

Year of Golden Pig and Feng Shui of our houses: how to harmonize the astral energies of the new solar cycle


People born from February 8th 1959 to January 27th 1960 are under the combination Pig + Earth element (Golden Pig)


Chinese Pig Ideogram – Zhu

Even those born in 1971, 1983, 1995 and 2007 belong to the sign of the Pig, but their combination with the Earth Branches is different and they are subjected to other energies of the cycle of the 5 elements or 5 phases..

The corresponding sign of the zodiac is Scorpio (Western Astrology).

In ancient Chinese mythology, the pig is a divine animal and an assistant of the gods. As a cultural hero, the pig used to help humans by protecting themselves from floods, reorganizing the world, discovering fire and wheat, cultivating and providing many other meritorious services. The pig is one of the six domestic animals and has a deep impact on Chinese culture and customs. For example, pork is one of the main dishes in Chinese cuisine, and pigs were used in different ways in everyday rural life.

The year of the Golden Pig is a period of self-indulgence in which peace, understanding, harmony and friendship can reign. Pleasantness and enjoyment of the good life take precedence over power and social status, with little competition and a more goliardic spirit. The year of the Golden Pig leads to taking little account of the costs incurred for comforts and luxuries, so the risk of heavy accounting balances will be charged to the next year of the Rat.

The most favored signs in 2019 together with the Pig are the Hare (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) and the Sheep (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015), which in the Western tradition correspond to Pisces and Cancer respectively.

The most disadvantaged in 2019 is the Snake (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013) but the Horse and the Phoenix (Rooster) may also encounter some difficulties.

The main features of the Golden Pig are stability, honesty, practicality, zeal, prudence, reliability, kindness and loyalty. The Golden Pig is a disciplined, productive worker and contributor to social well-being. In emotional relationships the Pig is faithful, devoted, affectionate, kind and tender.

Key words for the 2019 Gold Pig year can be happiness in family harmony and the small joys of life. It will therefore be possible to live a Happy New Year of the Pig inspired by its ability to renounce competition and ambition, sharing well-being and desire to enjoy peacefully with those we care about.


The Terrestrial Branch corresponding to the Pig is the twelfth, hài (), its azimuthal direction is 330 ° and the corresponding element in Wuxing is Water. This means that, whatever our sign be, in order to prepare our house well for the energies of the Chinese new year we must favor the direction (330 °) and the reference element (Water), even if, being the combination of the year 2019 with the 12 Earth Branches corresponding to the Earth, we will have to pay attention to this element, which, compared to Water, is in the role of controller in the cycle of the 5 elements or phases (Wuxing).

In details, the 330 ° direction is intended as an angle of 30 ° between 315 ° and 345 ° inside the Chinese Compass (Ba Gua). Since the west is at azimuth 270 ° and the north at azimuth 360 ° or 0 °, our direction of 2019 will be northwest-north.

Taking into account that the elements involved are Earth and Water, we will have to take care of the Earth-Metal energies chain with attention however to the Water that must channel the creative potential of the Golden Pig, which has the slow and solid step of Earth energy.

Let us then identify on the Ba Gua which areas of our house fall into the directions of the Earth (southwest), Metal (west and northwest) and Water (north) and verify whether colors, materials and shapes harmoniously follow the sequence of the cycle of the 5 elements, strengthening it where we realize that there are shortcomings.


Chinese Compass for furnishing in the Year of the Pig (click to enlarge)

Starting from southwest to west-northwest, for example, we should be able to combine the late-summer colors (yellow, light ocher, light brown, rust) with those of autumn (ocher and dark brown), while the shapes will have to change from those flatter (low and square rectangles) to rounded and oval ones. The materials will have to change from ceramic and terracotta to metal.

The Earth-Metal energy combination is only preparatory but essential to carefully manage then the Water of the north which, unlike what was done in the previous year, will not only have to exploit the generation given by Metal, but will develop the essence of the sensual, cheerful and creative spirit of the Golden Pig into the details of the house design.

And let’s not forget that in addition to the basic reference color, that is the blue of the Water energy, the Golden Pig is given two other important colors, the Red of Fire and the White of Metal, which are the secondary energy of the Pig and traditionally they serve to complete the balance of the sign, together with the yellow and the brown of Earth.
The fortunate directions for 2019 are the northeast and the southeast, and the flowers to be grown are daisies, hydrangeas and carnivorous plants!
These are general indications, while as already indicated in other sections of the website, for each house care must be taken to suit the specific characteristics of the environment and its inhabitants.