Valentine’s Day 2020

The astral framework of Valentine’s Day 2020 and the Fengshui treatments to harmonize energy at home on the day of couple’s love


 Valentine's Day 2020

Azimuth theme at midnight on February 14, 2020

The sky of Valentine’s Day 2020 promises a guncotton day with Uranus and Moon in opposition between East and West: twists and sudden choices are possible, but romance will be guaranteed by the beautiful Jupiter-Vega conjunction

Valentine's Day 2020

Vega in the constellation of Lira

which will assist couples even in rather unpredictable situations. To support and harmonize the energy that comes from these configurations, we place rose quartz, ruby and emerald in the east direction of our homes and black obsidian to the west.

Obsidian gives stability and integrity by bringing to light the dark sides of the personality; it promotes a deep transformation and integration of one’s shadow and it is¬†called the pure warrior’s stone.
Rose Quartz, known as the fertility stone, stimulates pure love.

Valentine's Day 2020

Raw black obsidian

Vega, in addition to being linked to a myth that tells its beautiful love story with Altair, another shining star of our firmament, is the bearer of very high spiritual values and represents evolutionary meanings for humanity of great importance. Its conjunction with Jupiter means the opening of a privileged channel from the galaxy towards our solar system, which conveys pure astral energy of transformation to Earth under the sign of cosmic love.

Valentine's Day 2020

azimuth planets at midnight

Finally, let’s not forget the couple’s southwest corner where we can put many Chinese fengshui symbols that can bring about harmonious unions. Here we recommend the crane which is considered a welcome symbol of a long and lasting life together. The crane is in fact long-lived and according to Chinese legends it lives a thousand years and has the secret of prolonging life thanks to the knowledge of techniques that serve to slow down breathing. In addition, its position on one leg represents the perfect balance, the mastery of forces and vital energy.

Valentine's Day 2020

auspicious couple of cranes for Valentine’s Day