Sherlock Holmes and Feng Shui: presentation of the book “His everlasting bow” and the article “A Feng Shui study for Sherlock Holmes” by Enrico and Fabio Petrella.



His everlasting bow


The book, edited by Alessandra Calanchi, Professor of Literature and Anglo-American Culture at the University of Urbino and member of the Italian Association “Uno Studio in Holmes”, is a fascinating proposal of original studies and analyzes made by holmesians experts.

Among these various readings even Feng Shui has its place: following the article already published on this site ‘The Feng Shui method’, a complete study with a methodological analysis and a ‘case study’ is presented just under the title “A Feng Shui study for Sherlock Holmes” by Enrico and Fabio Petrella authors.

This article defines the type of method used in his investigation by the famous detective and then explains how this approach is identical to that followed by a Feng Shui expert, finally concluding the discussion with a practical example.

The ancient Chinese thought, in which is embedded the Feng Shui method, interprets the laws that govern life in the Universe often using analogy and abduction, methods also used by Sherlock Holmes.

In Feng Shui the abductive analysis means to link analogically the different elements, forming the investigated site, by universal schemes such as the magic square ‘Lo Shu’ and the cycle of the 5 elements (Wu Xing).

For those interested in a full read, the book is online for purchase from Aras editions and will be presented soon in Turin on dates that will be announced on this website.