The Heroes’ Stone, the Garnet, a precious crystal-therapeutic aid to be applied with Feng Shui to protect and harmonize the home in a critical astral phase.


We are in a critical astral situation: last night the new moon in Libra in opposition to Mars and the Black Moon squared to the triple conjunction Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto.

The Heroes' Stone

Astral graph of the New Moon of the 16th october 2020

The evolution of this lunar cycle will lead to the Full Moon precisely at midnight on Samhein (November 1st) with the Sun-Moon opposition conjuncted  to Uranus between Scorpio and Taurus.

The Heroes' stone

Astral graph of the Full Moon (1st of november 2020, Samhein)

With the square of Mars, still in Aries because of its retrograde motion in this sign placed at 90 ° with respect to Capricorn, during wintertime it is wise to activate psycho-physical defenses that can also be achieved with the help of Feng Shui.
If we look at the current azimuthal projections of the New Moon on local space and therefore on Ba Gua, we see that the axis of the opposition Mars-New Moon is between the Dragon and the Tiger between east and west with the triple conjunction Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in the Earth southwest sector.

The Heroes' stone

Azimuthal map of Samhein 2020

There is no doubt that our planet’s Earth energy is under attack and in order to reinforce its defenses, the help that its “bones”, the stones, provide us is precious.
Our indications therefore concern the east-southwest-west sectors where we suggest to place the following stones: chalcedony, agate, jasper, turquoise, garnet.

The Heroes' stone


The Heroes' stone


The Heroes' stone


The Heroes' stone


In particular, let us pay attention to the function of the garnet, the Stone of the Warriors, always held in the highest regard by ancient civilizations: from the Indians to the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans. By all garnet was connected to blood and especially by the Indians it was referred to the Earth’s blood, in any case conferring the character of strength, courage and protection. In the Middle Ages it served to protect people from the plague. Furthermore, being a stone that has an insignificant appearance when it is rough but becomes luminous when worked, it is considered the Heroes’ Stone, a symbol of transformation and growth of mankind.