Halloween and Feng Shui: the Celtic New Year Samhain projected on the azimuth astrological chart and on the Chinese Compass to position the astral energies of the most magical night of the year inside our home.


Happy Celtic New Year to everyone! Halloween (Samhain) is one of the four Fire festivals of the Celtic solilunar calendar, placed at the four midpoints between  solstices and equinoxes. Samhain marks the beginning of winter and of the year, but also of the dark phase. Beltain on May 1st marks the beginning of the luminous phase.

Halloween and Feng Shui

Celtic calendar

Beyond all fashions and transformations of our consumer society, Halloween is connected with the beyond, with the invisible kingdom, as the Christian day dedicated to the dead also recalls.

Halloween and Feng Shui

Saint Gregory cemetery. Mexico

Let’s see how the azimuthal astrological chart is configured at midnight: the theme is very complex with many aspects, but the stellium in the southwest stands out with the triple conjunction Pluto, Moon and Saturn, strengthened by the lucky conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune not far away, forming a harmonious Great Trine with the triple conjunction Venus, Sun and Mercury at Nadir and Mars in the east.

Halloween and Feng Shui

Astral map of Halloween night 2022

Let us observe our home Ba Gua using the Chinese Compass, and let us look for the directions where the astral energies at midnight are most powerful, that is where the Great Trine Jupiter-Venus-Mars is located. Let us activate the female energy of Earth in the southwest and the male energy of Fire in the east by lighting the fires of Halloween Samhain with ritual lights to purify our karma and celebrate rebirth.

Halloween and Feng Shui

Ritual lights

In the Tree of Life everyone can recognize his own karma: the structure that explains the bond we have with all the beings who have preceded us in the world  along our genealogical tree. By celebrating Samhaim we intend to build a bridge between the living and the invisible kingdom that belongs to us and of which we are an integral part.

Halloween and Feng Shui

Tree of Life (genealogy)

The fire ritual serves to burn the karmic waste which prevents us from living in peace with our deceased loved ones, and in general with the world beyond. As many Chinese stories tell, the secret of luck and of a happy life lies in resolving all our debts with the past, honouring the ancestors and burying them correctly according to Feng Shui. In China, the feast of the dead which is called Qingming, falls on our calendar on April 4th or 5th.

Halloween and Feng Shui

Kite flying during Qingming