Feng Shui Bathroom: indications for a design according to orientation criteria founded on the Chinese compass and the Ba Gua. Furnishing aspects related to the choice of materials, colors and shapes according to the Cycle of the 5 elements (Wu Xing).




Water-wood energy combination in the bathroom

In Feng Shui literature, especially in books with a New Age style, the bathroom has always represented a “cult” factor thanks to the so-called problem of the black drain, or the vortex that is generated with the toilet drain. Beyond exaggerations, it must be said that water management is really a fundamental factor in a Feng Shui Bathroom, just because it represents one of the two basic vital principles of this art: Shui which means Water.

Assuming that neither the water coming out of a tap nor – and still less – the water coming out of drains, wheter whiate or black, will ever convey a favorable Qi.

The task of Feng Shui will be to place  the water in the bathroom in the direction of the Ba Gua where the Wood element can be able to absorb it. Therefore, altough the east and the south-east directions should be the best solutions, often the bathroom is located in a completely different position, thus generating a conflict between the elements of the Wu Xing. For example, if the bathroom is oriented to the north, there will be an overload of water values, with the risk of developing the negative qualities of the element itself, such as disorder, depression, passivity and mental confusion. Even the south direction is not favorable to the bathroom, the waters of which will tend to dampen the social and economic expansion of the inhabitants of the house.

In addition to direction, however, there are other factors to consider that affect the circulation of Qi in a bathroom, namely shapes, materials and colors.

As for shapes, first of all, the perimeter of the room and its surface should be evaluated. Irregular shapes and small surfaces, perhaps combined with dark colors of bathroom fixtures and tiles, are the main cause of the negative energies of a home, especially if the bathroom is positioned in a “sensitive” direction such as the aforementioned north direction. In such situations, the margin of intervention is unfortunately rather small and all that remains is to paint walls in light shade or using light colors for furniture elements, towels, and if possible to add Wood elements, such as plants, wooden objects and high rectangular Wood shapes – for example mirror frames.

This photo shows a solution for a very small bathroom where a white and suspended sanitary ware is used to broaden the view and the floor has a light colored wood plus a few plants to counterbalance the circulation of water.


Small bathroom furniture

In the following example we are trying to absorb water with wood energy using wooden flooring, accessories and green tiles:


Use of wood energy in the bathroom

Otherwise, if you have a new bathroom to design according to Feng Shui, there are greater degrees of freedom as you can choose the shape and colors of the bathroom fixtures and tiles, and play on the colors of the painting and furnishing elements, even if an important restriction is represented.by the shape of the perimeter and of the spaces available.


Spacious bathroom furnished with wood materials and shapes

Furthermore, we have to consider that today it is fashionable to build an additional bathroom to allow a better management of the “traffic” of the family in and around the bathroom. These solutions have sometimes an obvious downside, represented by the reduction of other spaces (usually bedrooms) and by the passage of pipes through the floors under the beds,so causing a real trouble for the Qi of the houseAll that could induce even serious pathologies due to the passage of black drains, and in general to the presence of  water, that is never favorable when running under those who are sleeping or  else behind the headboard.


Headboard resting on an internal bathroom

Here, on the other hand, we can see modern design solutions often withthe frequent use of gray and white, colors suitable for a Feng Shui bathroom, especially in  a western direction, where the water takes away Metal energy:


Optimal solutions for bathroom in the west or northwest

So, in case you want to create a Feng Shui bathroom, you should pay the utmost attention to orientations, materials, shapes and colors, either having a large or small space at your disposal, and remembering that the circulation of a good Qi throughout the house largely depends on how well you have worked with Feng Shui in the bathroom.