Designing a Feng Shui living room: south corner

According to Feng Shui, when furnishing your living room you should pay a particular attention to East and South directions, where Fire and Wood energies can bring about health, wellbeing and happiness.


A good Feng Shui design preferably requires rectangular and triangular forms in East and South directions respectively. The colors: green and red. Materials and energies: wood and light.

A Feng Shui design:  the south corner of a living room

A Feng Shui design: the south corner of a living room

In the example picture there are decors in accordance with the rules suggested for East and South directions. In this specific instance the Chinese compass shows the South in the whole corner, but you should also consider the importance of East direction for two reasons: first, because Fire (South) depends energetically on Wood (East) which is its generating element; second, because the bookcase leans against a wall that faces East.

So, Fire has always to be supported by Wood energy, and in this example of a Feng Shui design it should be noted that many Wood elements have been brought into the South corner: more specifically a plant, a Japanese print with some vegetation, a wooden floor and all the books, which are made of cellulose. Finally you can see four circular sections of a tree trunk (Lyriodendron) on the upper shelf of the bookcase.

Fire energy is represented by the main structural element, that is a triangular-profiled bookcase: so the whole view towards South direction is contained within a triangular pattern with the tip turned upward. You can find another Fire element in the shape of the plant’s leaves (Draecena fragrans, popularly called “corn plant”).

A moderate use of red is represented by some colored books, but it is possible to increase its impact according to the need for activation in South sector. If there is a lack of success in social and professional life, Feng Shui suggests to reinforce South direction, so in that case it should be recommended to add more bright colors as orange, yellow or red.