The connection between Christmas and Feng Shui. How to place the Nativity Scene, the Christmas Tree and the lights according to Taoism and the Feng Shui compass.

Christmas and Feng Shui

Yule Christmas Tree

The end of the year holidays related to Christmas show the hint of an ancient calendar built around the rites of passage within the cycle of seasons, at the time of the winter solstice 

Christmas and Feng Shui

Christmas Goddess

We have the habit of putting colored lights, as a sign of Good Omen, mostly on the typical Christian symbols like the Nativity Scene, or to decorate our streets, houses and balconies during the longest nights of the year.

Christmas and Feng Shui

Berlin city Christmas lights

The Christmas Tree has very ancient roots. It was lately associated with the Christian tradition but it is connected with the Celtic winter solstice ritual and, in general, with a cosmic symbolism of life which is used in the East too.

Christmas and feng Shui

Taoist Christmas

From the point of view of Feng Shui, celebrating Christmas means to empower as much as possible the cycle of the 5 elements (Wu Xing) and three elements in particular: WATER, WOOD and FIRE, which are tightly connected with Christmas symbolism.

WATER represents the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS, WOOD is the Christmas Tree symbolizing LIFE AND GROWTH, and all the Christmas lighting stands for FIRE.


Christmas and Feng Shui

Where to place Christmas symbols



So let’s remember that the place of WATER is the North of our home, where it lies the deep potential which connects us to the Universe. Astral images, starry skies and also a Nativity scene could be the best support to link ourselves to the Milky Way and to our Galaxy, bearer of universal life.

According to Feng Shui, WOOD lies to the East, so we should turn towards that direction all the ‘green’ symbolism about Christmas, firstly the Tree, which finds its best location between East and South. All the potential coming from the Starry Sky may materialize on the Earth if we are able to set our Cosmic Tree to the right position and, thanks to the Sun, make it grow.

And so here comes our need of LIGHTING UP: starting from South-East until South-West, that is the best exposure for our houses, let’s place all our light decorations to encourage the highest growth and revelation on Earth of what was potentially generated from WATER – the bearer of life.

May the Spirit of Christmas really light up all our homes!

Christmas and Feng Shui

Christmas fairy

English translation by Enrico Petrella