A journey through geobiology  researching the subsurface characteristics which influence the quality of life on Earth

Geobiology studies earth discontinuites such as caves where water often flows through

Geobiology studies earth discontinuites such as caves where water often flows through

The Earth’s subsurface is composed of several, very complex layers often discontinuous due to more or less wide geological fractures, which sometimes are occupied by water.
The different composition of the layers and the presence of cracks where water flows alter the magnetic field, which already varies as a function of the gravitational field, leading in some cases to unbalanced situations especially in the presence of most phenomena in the same point. The intersection of the lines generates the so-called telluric ‘nodes’, points of a different energy value, which together form a network whose extent and characteristics are being studied by geobiology.

The geobiological analysis of a site is based on the control of any anomaly in the terrestrial magnetic field, mainly due to the Hartmann grid and to discontinuities such as faults and groundwaters. Modern technologies, though bringing undeniable benefits, involve also other kind of anomalies, as the so-called electromagnetic fields, usually induced by electric or electronic devices and/or circuits with a low protecting shield. All that could bring about a considerable alteration of the natural magnetic field, so as to be the cause of sometimes serious diseases.

Geobiology identifies and prevents this kind of causes, also by providing solutions to shield from abnormal telluric as well as electromagnetic fields (long exposures with values ​​greater than 3-4 milli gauss, as indicated by the E.P.A. – Environmental Protection Agency of the United States)

It is also possible to perform some specific analyses to assess the quality of made ground used for yards and greening (gardens, flower beds, etc.), in order to avoid possible human pathologies (in case of toxic material) or damages to plants (in case of soils not suitable for greening).

Moreover it is possible to check the degree of radio-contamination (radon)

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