This is an on-demand service which consists in ‘ad hoc’ designs of places thanks to the use of both Feng Shui designs and some techniques of geobiology and astrology


Feng Shui designs can concern a great variety of places:

  • Gardens and green areas
  • Houses that are being built or already built
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Rooms

The work is accomplished by a team of experts in Feng Shui, design and decorating consultants, architects, bio-architects and geo-biologists. If requested, a psychological profile of the persons who live in the place which is the object of the study can be outlined, using western or eastern astrological techniques.

The focus of this kind of designing is to achieve the highest level of harmonization thanks to Feng Shui techniques supported by Cinius furniture, fittings and interior designs; and Reo Design draperies, clothes and graphic art.

REO Design is a studio where ideas women and men take care of creating custom-made objects. REO Design’s mission is to support companies, studios, professionals and private customers by concepts and products with a strong aesthetic impact, which can make a design project unique and really custom-made.

Cinius is a natural furnishing company which has been offering its products and concepts for more than twenty years, not just to furnish homes but also, and above all, to make any room within a house more comfortable, harmonic and pleasant, and to give its inhabitants a more healthy and energetic lifestyle. For this reason they use only selected raw materials and low environmental impact processes, non-toxic paints, joint assemblage and even completely custom-made handcrafted manufacturing

Here is an example (see description for details):

Feng Shui designs: a bedroom

Feng Shui designs: a bedroom