Egyptian astrology: sky map

Egyptian astrology: sky map

The study of astral positions has always been fundamental, in the East as well as in the West, in order to evaluate life cycles of human beings and things in general, and to identify their inner characteristics, so astrology is fundamental to give the right interpretations and orientate the harmonization of some aspects.

The analysis based on sky maps, drawn according to eastern and/or western astrology, is an important tool for Feng Shui analysis, in particular for an evaluation of the Chinese compass directions and a harmonization of family life.

Moreover it is possible to mitigate the disharmonies and imbalances of our own astral aspects by azimuthal maps, which allow to project the zodiacal horoscope on the geographic horizon and therefore to use re-balancing techniques directed into the vital space within our site.

This integrated  technique is very helpful to recognize the macrocosm in the small space of our homes and  link each detail, such as color, shape, material, with the disposition of  heavenly bodies according to the different kinds of maps that astrology suggests.

An important feature of integrated astrology is to allow the check of astral transits in the physical world: this is a bridge to connect mind visions and interpretations with the living energetic body of our homes.

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Further studies: