The astral theme of the New Year looked at through the position of Aldebaran – St.Michael the guardian star.


Aldebaran, an orange giant star, in the cluster of Hyades, is greater than the Sun

In the ancient tradition the Giant Aldebaran has always played a fundamental role in the interpretations of the astral picture; since the most ancient time Horus’ Eye has been considered one of the galaxy corners, placed in the constellation of Taurus on the equinoctial colure in opposition to Antares. Although the precession of the equinoxes has caused the 4 guardian stars of the Sumerians to “slip” out of the solstice and equinoctial axes, their position is still the object of attention by spiritual researchers.


The ancient Egyptian mathematics and Horus’ Eye

The Aldebaran- St.Michael link is a complex esoteric operation, since this star, currently second only to Sirius in brightness, embodies the divine power of the great Egyptian mysteries, to which Moses and Jesus Christ had also been initiated.


Akhenaton, the Egyptian monotheist pharaon

However, we are used to recognize a syncretistic value in the various sacred figures of Christianity which, although consolidated in its mainly monotheistic structure, embodies a multifaceted pantheon: from the Black Vergin-Diana to St.Michael-Thor-Ares we can grasp the archetypes of the hidden collective unconsciousthrough the historical transmutations of religions.

Let’s now evaluate the position of Aldebaran on 1 January 2021 which culminates at midnight as the highest guardian star in the sky (there will be only Regulus above the horizon together with Aldebaran, while Antares and Fomalhaut will not be visible).


Guardian stars azimuthal position on 1 January 2021

As we can see from the graph, Aldebaran is at 245 ° 49 ′ azimuth from the north (65 ° 49 ′ from the south in the table), therefore exactly directed to the southwest and at a height of 37 ° 26 ′ on the horizon.If we use the symbolism of the Chinese compass, the Star is passing through the Earth sector of the Ba Gua.

It could be interpreted as a return of the star to its home, Taurus, characterized by the Earth energy, which recalls the chthonic / telluric forces, dominated, as we know, by Michael. Thus, the Archangel drags our attention to his divine power that can help mankind to regain control of matter and nature through harmony and respect, after their revolt against human violence and exploitation.

As a Feng Shui remedy it is suggested to placethe upper celestial version of the Cosmic Pagoda called the “Five Elements Pagoda” in the southwest corner, held by the Cosmic Protector Vaisravana (the Celestial King of the North). The main version of the Five Elements Pagoda has nine levels instead of five. This important amulet is summoning assistance from “Cosmic Energies” to pulverize negative forces and free the blocked paths which, opening up, could bring a more fluid and less heavy year. Having a strong control over the cosmic elements, these pagodas protect against the loss of wealth, career opportunities, health and the terrible strength ential of the unfortunate circumstances and the economic crisis. The amulet is made up of 5 basic metals, such as gold, silver, iron, bronze and copper which represent the 5 cosmic planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. In the pagodas there are 8 auspicious objects, 4 celestial guardians, the symbol of longevity and the lotus of purity. On the other hand, the 5-element plate presents the “generation cycle” of 5 elements, 5 hexagrams of Chien (The Great Metal) and is consecrated with the mantra of the White Umbrella Goddess. This  “productive process” of the 5 elements is the one that holds the key to effectively balance the weak or missing elements of a space where energies are not synchronized, thus healing the elemental conflicts and imbalances.


Five-elements cosmic pagoda