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Every place, every site has a special energy which the expert recognizes and uses to the inhabitants' advantage, by the application of the ancient art of Feng Shui. This knowledge comes from more than 3000 years of observation of the principles of Yin and Yang, which include the ties between Heaven and Earth, between persons and their homes, between Beginning and End.

bottoni-03 Astrology

The study of astral positions has always been fundamental, in the East as well as in the West, in order to evaluate life cycles of human beings and things in general, and to identify their inner characteristics, so astrology is fundamental to give the right interpretations and orientate the harmonization of some aspects.

bottoni-04 Geobiology

A journey through geobiology  researching the subsurface characteristics which influence the quality of life on Earth.

The Earth's subsurface is composed of several, very complex layers often discontinuous due to more or less wide geological fractures, which sometimes are occupied by water.
The different composition of the layers and the presence of cracks where water flows alter the magnetic field..........

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